Watch Pharrell Williams Go Head-to-Head with a 7 Year Old

By October 3, 2017Fashion News

A nontraditional, yet refreshingly unique interview.


Heard of Pharrell Williams? Yeah so have we! So it’s not surprising to find out that he has been interviewed by some of the most respected companies, reporters and journalists the world over. Although this time Pharrell goes head to head with Poppy Browne, a seven-year-old interviewer that offers a particularly unique twist to her interviews.

The twist being that Poppy doesn’t necessarily focus on traditional topics. For example, did she ask Skateboard P what it was like to debut the N.E.R.D. x HUMAN MADE jacket? No, instead Poppy asked questions such as “When did you get your ears pierced?” or “What planet would you live on?” I personally find this style of interview refreshing and I’m sure Pharrell does too as it’s an opportunity to relax, which is quite uncommon in an interview setting!

Go ahead and watch the full interaction below thanks to W Magazine.


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