Bad Canteen is Kyra’s Newest Show About Clueless 20-Somethings Learning How To Cook – Sound Relatable?

The show follows 6 friends on their journey from knowing nothing about cooking to becoming ‘professional’ chefs. They will be learning from masters of the art, in an attempt to become connoisseurs of the cooking world.

The show sets itself apart from other cooking shows due to the fact that it is totally relatable. The Great British Bake Off and Master Chef are great to watch, but watching people with such advanced skills doesn’t entice you to give it a try, it’s just intimidating.

That’s what is great about Bad Canteen – it’s people like us. People who have no idea what they’re doing. The relatable feel of the entire situation makes it funny and interesting, and may even push you to give it a try. ‘Bad Canteen is a movement of young people that will hopefully inspire our generation to feel less intimidated by cooking and all the baggage that comes with it.’ – Shaquille Robinson (Aka DamnShaq), Leader of Bad Canteen.

The pilot episode introduces the 6 friends, and shows them looking at different kitchen spaces to find the one that they will call the Bad Canteen HQ for the rest of the series.

Watch the full episode below (trust us, you wanna watch it):