Demna Gvasalia Talks Vetements and Balenciga in Vestoj Interview

By December 20, 2017Fashion News

Gvasalia speaks about oversaturation in the fashion industry.

The creative head behind two of the years biggest and most successful luxe brands, Balenciaga and Vetements, has finished off this year with a personal interview with fashion journal, Vestoj.

The interview delves into topics that the creative designer may not run into usually, such as questions on whether he worries about selling out in this already oversaturated market. He states, “I think about the dangers of selling out every day. You can’t saturate the market. It’s so easy today to get caught in the sell-out trap, especially when a business is successful and a product is in demand.”  It appears that, as far as Vetements goes as a brand, Demna is in no rush to make the products too readily available.

Vestoj also investigates Demna’s life before Vetements really picked up, where he admitted he used to pose as a security guard to avoid queues and entry fees. “I remember back in the early days of Vetements, when I was still into partying I used to dress in security uniforms, which are really easy to get anywhere in the world – you don’t need a license. I’d dress in boots, a T-shirt with ‘Security’ printed on it and bomber jackets. I never had to queue and I never paid for a single party. I just walked right in.”

The full interview is readily available over at Vestoj.

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