Kendrick Lamar Shows-Off His Nike Cortez “Kenny”

Kung Fu Kenny's new sneakers.

It was all the way back in August when Kendrick Lamar announced his partnership with Nike and since then it appears that the duo have been working on some fire. The Hip-Hop mogul took to Instagram to display his latest collaborative shoe that takes Nike’s Cortez silhouette, dips it in a blood red colourway and applies Chinese text to the front toe. Furthermore, it features the words “DON’T TRIP” vertically down the lacing system and wears a large Swoosh across the piece’s side. However, is there a twist coming? We know that Kendrick on his projects has often tried to encourage individuals to put gangs aside, therefore inspiring him to create a shoe with Reebok back in 2014 that had one foot blue and the other red. As we have only seen one shoe so far we can’t rule out the possibility that this type of colour scheme won’t return. Although saying that, as this piece is produced in conjunction with a new label it is likely they will be starting completely from scratch.