Mennace Brand Takes A World Tour To Tokyo

By December 21, 2017Fashion News

Mennace hits Tokyo

New menswear brand Mennace hits Tokyo for their part II of the Mennace World tour. The design team took to the streets of Tokyo to absorb the culture and style behind the animated metropolis. Inspired by the bustling markets, neon blazed architecture, experimental streetwear and mind-blowing technology, the Mennace team immersed themselves in the city in search of new sources of creativity and to understand what fashion means to the people of Japan.

Whilst there, the team visited the vibrant and energetic districts of Shibuya, Harjuku and Shinkuju. Taking in the colourful backstreets, diverse youth fashion and architecture, the team were constantly surrounded by thought provoking and visually stimulating ideas to bring to the next season and beyond.

During their visit, the Mennace team collaborated with Toyko-based creatives; which included jewellery designer Toshi (@dog_state, model Toshio (@moo_toshio), independent store owner TxBONE (@txbone878) and tattoo artist Dee (@dee_tattooer). Styling up pieces from the current collection, the group demonstrated how seamlessly Mennace could fit into the lifestyles of varied and unique wearers.

Upon their return to the UK, the Mennace team drew upon their experiences from the trip; dedicating future designs and collections to push the boundaries beyond everyday men’s fashion.

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