Five Celebrities Who Use Psychics

By January 26, 2018Fashion News

Being entirely honest, who amongst us wouldn’t desire a glimpse into our futures? There is some part in almost all of us, however small, that in our rational and scientifically-led society still believes that our destinies are written in the stars; that there is a pre-ordained path for us to follow.

It’s the same part that looks for some meaning in relationship breakdowns, that convinces us that the beauty we’ve already enjoyed has left us feeling empty and hollow inside only so something better can fill us up.

If there were anyone who didn’t feel this driving need to know what the future looks like, you might imagine it would be the rich and the famous, the ones who appear to have the whole world at their feet.      But it seems that even these modern icons share the universal desire to be reassured that what comes next is not so very frightening: that there is beauty and brightness, love, happiness, and fulfilment ahead.

Want to know how we’re so convinced of this? Because these celebrities have told us so. Whether they’ve tried tarot readings or sought to see through crystal balls, here are just a few of the big names who embrace mysticism and magic in its many forms…

#1: Brad Pitt

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Beautiful, successful, and beloved he may be, but even Brad Pitt likes to look ahead and see what his charmed life holds. A repeat client of psychic to the stars Ron Bard, he has never yet revealed what his future has in store, but we imagine continued fame and fortune are both assured.

#2: Sarah Jessica Parker

Mother-of-three Sarah Jessica Parker is another who has sought a glimpse into her future through the assistance of a psychic, a move reputedly driven by marital troubles. Many turn to professional marriage counsellors under such circumstances, SJP tried an alternative. Considering that she and Matthew Broderick’s partnership apparently remains strong, it seems that this non-traditional approach paid dividends in the end.

#3: Patrick Swayze

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The late lamented Patrick Swayze was married for 34 years, and like Sarah Jessica Parker, adopted a rather unconventional approach and saw a psychic therapist in an attempt to get his marriage back on track. Although the content of his psychic sessions remains a secret, the actor openly credited his paranormally gifted contact with saving his relationship.

#4: Cameron Diaz

Eternally beautiful and unendingly youthful, it would be easy to suspect Cameron Diaz of invoking some unearthly power to keep herself looking so lovely for so long, but the only otherworldly help she appears to have sought is that of a psychic. A long-standing client of Mrs Grace, who works out of Psychic Tea Leaf Readings in West Hollywood, she is said to have been seeking an insight into the direction her tumultuous love life would take.

#5: Angelina Jolie

Like her ex-husband Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie has also sought help from the other side. Reported to have visited psychics in the hope of communicating with her deceased mother, the actress sought that most human of reassurances: the comfort of knowing that the ones we love never really leave us.