LFWM: DANSHAN and Chin Menswear Int’l Autumn/Winter 2018

DANSHAN and Chin Menswear Intl presented their Autumn/Winter 2018 Collections in a collaborative event during London Fashion Week.

DANSHAN creates a uniform that heals the wounds prescribed onto men by gendered roles and their negative impact. Rejecting sensitivity in return for being called a man is a backwards and exhausting way of dealing with human emotions and the human potential. The collective is a very progressive one: jewellery pokes fun ‘at the gaze of safety than men are meant to inhabit’ while poetic phallic symbols ‘elude to the fragility of masculity.’

Chin Menswear Intl AW18 is all about the designer’s Taiwanese roots and the cultural and social clashes occurring between borders and nations. A ‘melting pot of cultures’ in a variety of excellent looks bring this collection to the fore of real-life and the urgent matters within it. Masculine meets feminine, unbalanced meets harmony – unity through thought and measure.

Check out the collections from both designers below: