LFWM: What We Wear Autumn/Winter 2018 Collection

What We Wear Autumn/Winter 18 simultaneously kept with the athleisure styles that the brand has now rooted within its DNA, whilst using unfamiliar textures and patterns to inject new life into the brand. For his third season, rapper-turned designer Tinie Tempah uses sharp detailing combined with comfortable fits to make pieces relevant for todays menswear market. Clean cut outfits in contemporary colours and subtle plaids and stripes offered modern minimalism, quintessential of the current sporty-chic direction of the fashion industry.

With the use of structured fits, boxy pockets and co-ord pieces, the runway was undeniably influenced by workwear. Beginning with a fast-cut video using  VHS home video effects, diverse individuals Tempah surrounds himself with, speak of themselves and their careers, connoting how the rapper turned designer uses the everyday public as inspiration to pioneer trends.

The looks, often branded with the name and/or wavy logo of the label, charged down the catwalk in safety orange’s and moody blues, finished off with the addition of accessories. Knitwear, a new addition for the next season, look fitting in slouched styles and neutral shades, smoothly incorporated in with familiar lightweight tracksuits and head-to-toe block colouring.

Check out the full What We Wear Autumn/Winter 2018 collection which showcased at London Fashion Week Men’s below:

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