Through the use of Virgin White, Sin White & l’Absolu, 22 year-old fashion designer, Edmond Luu returns back with his very own collection of unique pieces that reinvent the classic idea of white minimalism by reinterpreting three various shades of white.

The white colour represents purity by essence and offers an uncharted room for discovery and imagination, allowing one to assimilate it with an emotion or a life experience, such as a blank canvas. The white colour is a guiding thread for inspiration, where Luu views the new “pièces uniques” as canvases that one can paint on with his or her personality.

The cuts are minimalists, timeless, and in harmony with the human silhouette. The mélange of noble materials, ranging from goose feather, lyocell to whipcord, reminds one of the primary function of the garment, while the fabric is pleasant to the touch and the eye.

Check out the AW18 Campaign Video and the AW18 Lookbook Below.

Shop The Collection Here

Shop The Collection Here

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