The Ultimate Organic Tee by Upcoming Eco Brand ‘Caspian Bragg’

By January 31, 2018Fashion News

“The clothing industry is the second largest polluter of the world”. A sentence of impact. Caspian Bragg, an upcoming streetwear brand, understands this not just as a fact to provoke emotion but one worthy of a movement. Offering an alternative through the use of organic and fair trade fibres, the label uses the natural aesthetics of the materials to their advantage.

Caspian Bragg uses a heavy fabric and a durable construction to create their new modern organic tee. The cotton used creates small brown flecks within the natural cream coloured material, a subtle addition that only enriches the simple silhouette. Aswell as feeling ultra-soft to wear, the organic fabric avoids the use of toxic chemicals, uses less water and preserves land quality.

Creating a tee that is produced to last is essential to the brands ethos as they hope that by doing this clothes will need to be replaced less and therefore fewer clothes go through the destructive and polluting production processes. Branded with the name of the brand across the chest of the t-shirt, wearing the name represents a step towards a greener, less polluted future.

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