CPHFW: HALO Interview and Autumn/Winter 2018 Collection

Combining functionality with urban streetwear, the HALO collection pays homage to the Danish Army by reinventing training and activewear for the modern day person. Remaining true with camouflage greys and new practical footwear in collaboration with BrandBlack, HALO brought the Danish boot camp to Copenhagen Fashion Week. Anna-Marie Descartes sat with the designer, Malkit Singh to discuss the new drop.

How would you describe the OFF-DUTY A/W 2018 Collection?
The A/W collection is based on the Danish military. HALO actually means “High Altitude, Low Opening” and was founded by a guy from the military to make clothing for training not from cotton by nylon, so our collection is very much based on the colours and the gear they use everyday on a military base in Denmark.

How is the 2018 collection different from the 2017 collection?
The previous collection was very neat and technical, this one is a lot more darker in terms of the colours. We have used a lot of petrol and vintage red in this one. This collection is a lot rougher whereas the last one was a bit more warm.

Do you have a favourite piece?
My new military parka is my new favourite, I really like it. But the new collection is still combined with the tech wear we used in our previous collection so our training wear still has that tightened feel which is quite popular.

How do you prepare for a fashion show as big as this?
I call on my friends to help me out [laughs]. My good friend, Simon comes in to help with the shows and my partner Rasmus helps with the collection. He has been in retail for twenty years and owns a company called Storm so he always has some good tips on how to organise things so I always feel like I’m in good hands.

What advice would you give to aspiring designers?
Stick with your dreams. Nothing comes easy so it will be hard work, just make sure you stick to the plan.

Check out the full HALO Autumn/Winter 2018 collection which showcased at Copenhagen Fashion Week below: