CYN is the NYC collective you’re about to hear about all 2018

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Collective: CYN // @cynmafia

The same energy CYN possesses when they perform, the group has everyday as well. The group full of talented hard workers, like Christian Combs, started picking up heat this past year with their individual accomplishments. Whether it’s their custom CYN gear or the way they define themselves as a collective, the group is one of the most innovative rap collectives on the rise.

Ohemaa Dixon, (@obscuralibra), sat down and captured moments with the NYC based group.

Featured brands: Daniel Patrick, Khoman Room, and Billionaire Boys Club.

How did you come up with the name CYN Mob?

Niko: It started off when I was young, you know, with old heads I had a certain reputation-  just you know me and all of us- and Justin our older brother and everybody just decided to call us young CYNers, and it went on from there.

What does CYN Mob stand for and represent?

Tizz: Nah, we can tell them that yet.

Niko: It stands for something but *laughs* we gonna mack on that.

Tell us how you all met and came together?

Kai: For the most part, everyone in CYN is family. Like me, Niko, and Christian are all cousins. Tizz was Niko’s closest friend forever and Niko brought him into the loop. As well as Rashon and Kamari, yeah he’s from Westchester as well. Bay is from Queens and we linked up with him a couple years ago. But yeah, basically we all family really- good friends that turned into family just through loyalty and we just kept it together.

“Its very important to come together, especially as young black men unity is important  and something that we don’t see enough of”

– Tizz the Influence

How important is it to have collective groups in this generation?

Tizz: Its very important to come together, especially as young black men unity is important and something that we don’t see enough of – people supporting other people. CYN we family, not by blood most of the time, so I think it’s just good to see a young group come together and support each other. If Niko got something coming out we all posting it — If Kai got something, we all posting it, and that’s for all of us

Ohemaa: Ok so obviously we are here with CYN today but we are also here with upcoming DJ, personality, and model Cay Easy *CYN all cheers* , who comes from the area that a lot of CYN is from. So while out here with CYN let’s get to know you a little bit as well.

What is your favourite song at the moment?

Cay: Right now it’s probably, I would never usually say this but, Fallen by Jaden Smith off of his new album.

Tell us about trying to come out in the university setting and also getting your roots here in the city.

Cay: Well I go to Syracuse University, but, since I’m from here I feel like Syracuse is just my go to of where to start my platform, but, out here in the city it’s so much easier to do what you want to do because of the pace of things around here than it is at a university in upstate New York. I just feel very in my element when I come back here.

When and where can we find your radio show and your mixes?

Cay: I’m actually going to be doing an announcement of it soon on my Instagram (@cay.easy) so stay tuned!

So placing you back in the scheme of things, you come from the same areas of the city as CYN?

Kai: Nah

Cay: We all from places that are close but not the exact same

Niko: Ok let get started, Rashon from White Plains, I’m from Mount Vernon, Tizz is from New Rochelle, so we are all from Westchester. So Kai on the other hand he’s from Brooklyn as well as Dame.

Kai: Bay is from Queens. Christian is from, we gonna say, “Manhattan”, “money makin’  Manhattan”

Is there anything that each of you have gained by coming together?

Rashon: Definitely. You know, there’s a lot of confidence, trust amongst each other, keeping it real, real love and just enjoying each other’s space while creating. It’s not just music with us!

Tizz: Can I piggyback off of that? In addition to that, I feel like everybody has grown to learn more about ourselves through CYN. A great example would be Niko, he was the young black Michael Phelps for a long time, but as the years progressed he grew a strong passion for music and now I can definitely say he’s very prolific and in terms of working towards his music I would say he’s one of the hardest workers among all of us

Describe each of your personalities.

Tizz: Ok I’ll do Kai. Kai is the most calm and funny person in the fucking world. He’s always flipping words, like y’all talk to him and then hell just flip it and make it rhyme

Niko: I got Tizz. Tizz is the most energetic, passionate, and realest dude I ever met. If you ever need someone in your corner, with that energy, that’s with you for sure, no questions, it is him.

Rashon: Alright so Niko, he is a very optimistic, outgoing, and thoughtful young man. He’s always willing to help people and he has a very big heart. He enlightens all of us through his hard work and studies, and he’s just always here for us.

Kai: So my boy Dame, is very dedicated to what he wants to do. Very passionate, ever since we were young. And he’s very tough, he might not show it, but you don’t want to push him to that limit. He’s persistent and overall ready to chase that bag.

Niko: I would describe Rashon as very creative. I mean when we’re working, for example, in the studio he’s always somebody that’s trying to help the vision come to life. Whether its a reference or a final product he’s someone that always has two cents.

Dame: Ok so I would describe Christian overall as a hard worker and very creative and involved in the music making process as well.  He’s definitely a comedian just like Justin, and he’s very fashionable. He’s also got a kind heart and very supportive as well.

Kai: Bay is like the little brother *laughs* when he first came we were confused but we grew to love him. I remember when I met him and he had a blue mink on and pulled up to Benihana, solo. The he moment he came around though, I’ll tell you what he’s just like Tizz, he’s got that energy and became a cornerstone. He’s always on a positive note and the next step forward.

Growing up in New York City, what is your favourite thing about the city?

Cay: The fact that everytime you come you can just have a different experienced and meet new people. This city is very diverse and fast paced and that’s what makes it’s special. You can really push your limits here

Tell us your food spot in New York City.

Niko: I would say Kingston Tropical Bakery, that’s over here on White Plains Rd. If you’re looking for a fire patty, take a trip uptown.

Who inspires you every day and why?

Tizz: I really think when it comes down to it what inspires us everyday is our family and each other. There’s not a day when not one of us are not on a creative path.

What is your favourite brand at the moment and why?

All: As far as clothing its CYN all the way, for all of us. The merch is wavy and we make it ourselves so yeah.

Describe your style in one word, as a group?

Tizz: Classic

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