Canada Goose Joins FDNY in Collab

By April 7, 2018Fashion News

As Lit As It Gets

With plenty of backlash coming their way lately, Canada Goose shows their heart with a collab to celebrate the bravery of everyday heroes. The ‘Bravest Coat’ is a tribute to firefighters around the world with all proceeds going to the FDNY.

Team this with Canada Gooses’ uncompromising production quality and a urban design and you got a jacket that can be worn in any condition and still look fresh. The hi-vis light strips reflect light sources, the metal clasps across the front further recall the designs of firefighter coats with the FDNY emblem on the chest that is customisable with five velcro patches designed by firefighters from the different boroughs of the Big Apple.

You can shop the coat online or from Canada Goose stores in New York, Toronto, Tokyo and London for £650 from April 6th.