Face The Story by Benji Colson

By April 22, 2018Fashion News

Face The Story by Benji Colson.

So many faces, but no one knows their true story. In today’s’ society we’re all being judged immediately by our Instagram visuals but no one truly knows or understands the person behind the photos. Model/Dancer Benji Colson launches his own online magazine called Face The Story which will allow readers to understand the process behind each Influencer/Model/Stylist/Actor, rather than being judged on how many followers the person has. The key approach of the magazine is to understand each person’s unique process within their life journey.

Benji Colson shares: “The issue with Instagram is without talking to a person you never know what they’re actually like, what their personality is like – Instagram has affected society in a way that people don’t think anymore, they base their opinions on what others think or what they see for ‘face’ value – I want to challenge this and help people understand true human values.”

He also added: “I want everyone to know the people I interview in depth as opposed to what they assume they are like by just seeing their Instagram feed or other social media platforms or what they hear from others. “The process” – as an example a scar on a face has a process, a purpose, some may see a scary scar and make judgements of them and think that person is dangerous and or scary without even knowing them – in result of this stereotype that person with a scar will never get the chance to express themselves – I want to give them that opportunity. Everyone has a process, everyone has a story to tell.”

Head over to the official Instagram page to keep in touch: @facethestory