A Detailed Look at The Converse x GOLF le FLEUR* Two-Tone Collection

‘Plum’, ‘Molten’, ‘Purple’ and ‘Candy’

After being teased by Converse affiliates such as Gully Guy Leo and Tyler himself, the two-tone Converse GOLF le FLEUR* One Star is finally set to drop in an array of colour schemes that are just perfect for summer.

Specifically, the now iconic pair have seen four new revamped iterations, all of which feature a single base colour and a secondary that sits on the heel cap, facing and the instantly recognisable flower on the vamp. These two-toned combinations, are more specifically pink and orange, red and blue, purple and green, and finally, blue and pink. However, for ease these have been named ‘Plum’, ‘Molten’, ‘Purple’ and ‘Candy’ respectively. As well as this it looks like a variety of pieces will drop alongside the new pairs as we see tees, sweaters, and long sleeve shirts all be adorned by the creative mind of Tyler. Take a look at the offerings below, if you like what you see then get ready as the collection drops on the 1st of June at Converses online store.