Scents for the Summer

By May 23, 2018Grooming, Lifestyle

With the season fully upon us,

here is a look at what you should be spraying before you step out.


Guerlain L’Homme Ideal

Aimed to reflect being smart, handsome and strong, notes include almond, citrus and orange blossom

RRP: £50.50-85



Summery fruits mixed with the soft musk of creamy vanilla. It is bring back fresh scents of the 90″s.

RRP: £24.99.

Jack Black JB

An everyday fragrance for the modern man. With essential oils, it lasts all day long. Perfect for day time meetings and then onto an event.

RRP: £57.

Image result for jack black jb


Ted Baker Tonics

A new collection inspired by precious metals. These are woody with hints of sweet. Also available in store.

RRP: £40


Emporio Armani Stronger with You

A spicy perfume for men with essence of vanilla

RRP: £44-69

Image result for Emporio Armani Stronger with You



Jack Black Body Spray 

Lighter than cologne, you’ll recognise natural scents of rosemary and mint. I great refreshed to carry with you to the gym.

RRP: £24.50

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