View UNUSED’s Comfortable and Foward-Thinking AW18 Collection Here

Featuring plenty or strong aesthetics...

The major Japenese label that “aim[s] at the product that touches the past and the memory in the future,” UNUSED, has gathered an increasing amount of traction in the west over recent times as faces such as A$AP Rocky have started to expose the brand to a whole new audience. Well, it looks like this rise in popularity is thoroughly deserved as the brand has recently dropped imagery of their upcoming AW18 offerings and it looks very exciting.

Specifically, the anonymously-designed collection orientates around genderless styling and bold garment cuts as well as forward-thinking details and layering. All of this is then hosted by a wide variety of garments, from cropped denim and reimagined shearling jackets, to drop-shoulder hoodies, zippered-sleeve track jackets and much much more. Take a look at the collection below, if you like what you see then keep an eye out its set to drop at retailers such as COVERCHORD later this year.