Nike Town London Launches Jersey Shop

An opportunity to customise your own bespoke football jersey.

Having opened on 15 June, the Nike Jersey Shop is consistently buzzing with customers bagging their own unique football top.  PAUSE went down this week to see what the vibe was like, and can highly recommend.

Located on the 1st Floor in Nike Town (Oxford Circus), you can’t miss the bustle surrounding the pop-up.  Walk in, and you are surrounded by guys and girls expressing their creative flair to the on hand Advisors.

So what’s the deal?  You grab a jersey from the rack; plain black and plain white being the most popular naturally.  Then you cast your eyes over the generic guidelines which, in a nutshell, breaks down your options and what you can put on your top.  For example, a country flag, different patches, and your London Borough.  That’s right, you can represent where you live in London.  It’s time to put the likes of Lewisham on the map!

The great thing is, you don’t have to be restricted to the template either.  The Advisors can be flexible to your designs, so for example, if you would prefer to have the name of your borough placed vertically, instead of the standard horizontal print, that is possible.

There a 3 different Partners who have been involved in the patch design, giving a bit of something for everyone:  Artist Chester Holme, football-rooted streetwear brand and creative house, The Concept Club, and technical sportswear atelier studio, Tottenham Textiles.

The hard facts

Badge Options:

  • 11x designs created by artist Chester Holme, who captured football culture in London.
  • 1x patch for each London borough
  • 1x LONDON patch
  • Flags
  • Generic Football badges
  • New fonts for letters and numbers (including rainbow colours)
  • Specific patches will be created for partners

What it will cost you:

  • Men’s long sleeves and short sleeves: £50
  • Concept Club Jersey: £65
  • Kids’ jerseys: £30
  • Up to 2 free badges for members
  • Badge/patch: £5
  • £4.5 per number, £1.5 per letter
  • Customisation workshops: free of charge



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