The Keys Behind Successful Online Fashion Marketing

The worlds of fashion and e-commerce have become highly integrated. Although physical retail locations still command a large market share, a growing number of aficionados are now choosing to utilise the flexibility associated with online shopping portals. However, this represents what can only be called a double-edged sword. While consumers have a multitude of different suppliers to choose from, the associated competition could prove quite challenging for budding enterprises that have not adopted the correct marketing practices. What are some key takeaway strategies to keep in mind and are there any misconceptions to avoid?

A Streamlined Website is a Successful Website

Recent studies have found that up to 25 per cent of all shoppers will abandon a purchase if a website is too difficult to navigate (1). If you hope to sell clothes with success, it is important to keep things simple and straightforward. This often includes:

– Menu bars located within the same portion of each page.

– An easy-to-find contact button.

– A mobile-responsive design.

– A clear checkout process.

All of these features will encourage potential customers to remain on a page for longer periods of time; increasing the chances that a sale will occur.

Loyalty Rewards

As the fashion and clothing industry is extremely competitive, retaining customers is one of the easiest paths to success. It is much more difficult to secure a new client than it is to keep an existing customer happy. This is why engagement is so very important. Loyalty programmes, discounts for repeat purchases and targeted emails based upon personal interests are all methods to add a “human” factor into the digital sales process.

A Picture Speaks 1,000 Words (or More)

Fashion is a very visual industry. This is why attaching high-definition images to every piece of clothing represents a pivotal segment within the overall engagement process. Most clients who are browsing for a specific item will immediately gravitate towards quality media content. Let’s also not forget that a growing number of individuals are accessing the online community via portable devices such as smartphones and tablets. Images are much more appealing than a simple block of text alone.

Never Forget About Proper Search Engine Optimisation

Website design, ease of navigation and customer engagement are all obviously important concerns. However, we should never forget that embracing the proper SEO techniques still represents a powerful tool within your arsenal. When the appropriate keywords are employed alongside the proprietary templates that Shopify can provide, clients will naturally become more intrigued about what you have to offer. Your portal is also likely to rank higher within the search engine results page (SERP). This type of online exposure can help you to eventually dominate your closest competitors.

If the correct strategies are embraced, you could very well enjoy a great deal of success within the online fashion retail sector. Please keep these tips in mind and never forget that preparation today will lead to affluence tomorrow.

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