Zayn Malik Could be Set to Appear in Donald Glover’s ‘Atlanta’

Keep an eye out.

Known worldwide as Zayn, the English singer and songwriter shot to fame after performing on the British reality show, The X Factor. However, since then the artist has gone on a pretty crazy journey and along the way has become more than just your typical creative.

Well yet again Zayn proves that he isn’t the average singer as he could be set to expand his portfolio but this time through acting. Specifically, Malik revealed when talking to GQ that he has been asked to appear in Donald Glover‘s show, Atlanta, and although this won’t be his first ever acting role, it would undeniably be a major step along what could be a future career path for him. From here I guess we will have to wait and see if he makes a appearance when Atlanta returns in 2019 for its third season.

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