A Look at Calvin Klein’s 205W39NYC’s American College Inspired Pre-Spring 2019 Collection

Calvin Klein Collegiate Merchandise.

Raf Simons continues to establish and “define new codes” for Calvin Klein, recently revealing his Calvin Klein 205W39NYC Pre-Spring menswear and womenswear collections.

Partnering with the University of Califonia, Berkeley and Yale University, who provided emblems and logos for Simons’ to deconceptualize, this new range draws inspiration from the uniforms of American youths as well as college sororities and fraternities.

In a collection that consists of reconceptualised collegiate merchandise, knits and suitings, Simons’ reimagines youth gatherings and sporting events with a vivid colour palette that takes inspiration from pop art and balances relaxed and fitted stylings in a way only Raf Simons can. Also included in this Pre-Spring collection is an array of footwear and bag options, clearly inspired by ball-style sports such as baseball, football & basketball.

Although an official release date has not be announced, Calvin Kleins 205W39NYC’s Pre-Spring collection is expected to be available in select retail stores soon. In the meantime, check out the complete lookbook below:

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