Gucci Unveils New 2018 Decor Collection Inspired by Italian Artisans

Inspired by the heritage of Italian culture.

Gucci is having another great year, the fashion house recently released their “Kingsnake” watch and have now revealed their new Decor collection.

The new Gucci Decor Collection exhibits designs inspired by the Italian culture and heritage and takes cues from some of the brands clothing lines. Offering another way to dress in Gucci, the collection features a range of vases, chairs, cushions, teapots, mugs, candle holders & more goods to place around the home. With some of the goods being used in Gucci’s retail stores, the new Decor collection is a testament to the fashion house’s embrace of the “rich culture of Italian art” and the skills associated with Italian makers.

Take a look at the new Gucci Decor Collection in the images below and you can pick up some items at Gucci stores, boutiques and online.

Gucci Decor Collection 2018

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