SPOTTED: Wiz Khalifa Sports a Relaxed Perfect-For-Summer Fit

A look as smooth as the shirt feels.

Amidst Wiz Khalifa’s tour, the creative took some time off to hit up a Hugo Boss fashion show and in while doing so the ‘Black and Yellow’ rapper dressed the part.

Specifically, the American artist rocked up sporting a pair of red cat-eye sunglasses that harmonized with the smooth glossy red shirt he was wearing. He wore it unbuttoned all the way to allow those around him to spot the Hugo Boss boxers he was wearing above the waistline as well as the range of jewellery he was hosting.

Last but not least, Wiz adorned his bottom half in a pair of white utility trousers that complimented his monochromatic Nike Air Force 1s perfectly. Take a look at his to fit opposite, if you like the footwear then click the following button to shop it yourself.


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