Nike Profile GB Sprinter Reece Prescod in Short Film

Preparing for the 2018 European Athletics Championships.

Part of a series called Portraits of Speed, Nike has released a video showcasing GB Sprinter, Reece Prescod, bolting across iconic locations in Berlin. Shot by director Ian Derry, the video release coincides with the launch of the new Nike Pegasus Turbo – their latest design based on direct feedback from elite runners.

Speaking of the content, Derry elaborated;

“My vision was to try and articulate what it takes to become faster; the tiny margins of potentially training a whole lifetime to gain just a few centimetres, capturing a visual portrait of their physicality to bring to life their voice and story was a real privilege.”

Check out the short film in its entirety below or visit Nike’s website to pick up your own Pegasus Turbo’s.

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