Prada Sees an Almost 10% Rise in Retail Sales

By August 3, 2018Fashion News

Prada's Increasing Sales

Following its Q1 results, Prada has seen a return to growth after a recent drop. With a retail rise of 9.7%, The company’s net revenue is now $1.8 billion USD. Statistics are positioned far beyond analysts’  exceptions, who had projected net revenue to be $1.6 billion USD.

The company believe that such levels in growth are due to their new trainer collection, particularly the ‘Cloudburst’ trainers whilst leather goods, particularly in accessories, saw an increase in revenue. Additionally, the company is set to relaunch their Sportswear line, Linea Rossa, again expecting to create a further rise in net revenue.

Whilst the Brand’s teams have made this possible, the Chairman has been a key influencer in the company’s vision stating, “We are constantly working to reshape the group to adapt to rapidly changing times”

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