Prada Relaunches the Brands Iconic Linea Rossa Line

By September 5, 2018Fashion News

With a new digital campaign & series.

Prada recently unveiled the relaunch of its iconic sports-influenced line, Linea Rossa. First launched in 1997, the Linea Rossa line donned the distinctive red stripe logo, classifying the labels special collections.

Prada has brought the iconic brand back to life, as the special Linea Rossa pieces are set to appear in a new digital series that’s styled by Lotta Volkova. This new series sees leading characters placed in extreme settings with raindrops, wind streaks, snowflakes and red strip sunrays. The digital series and campaign become a forum for the collision of world sports and fashion, as their Linea Rossa outer pieces are battle tested against the elements.

Making its comeback, Prada’s Linea Rossa line will once again be available to purchase in Prada boutiques, stores and at See some of the range in the images below:

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