The ‘Treat Yourself’ Christmas Gift Guide

By November 26, 2018Lifestyle, PAUSE Guide

Been smart and done all your Christmas shopping in your November salary?  Looks like Xmas comes early for you, while you treat yourself this December!

Here’s a few things to tempt you / to ask for if you weren’t that organised!

Moncler Hooded Padded Jacket, £965

Bowlcut Hooded Top, £60

Dior Eyewear, £380

Fendi socks, £100

Puma Hybrid Desert Running Shoes, £100

Prada cross body bag, £540

And because you spent all your money on clothes, have a house party, and tell your friends to bring a bottle!

SRS-XB501G portable party speaker from Sony, £300

Ciroc x Moschino Personalised Bottle, £40

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