PAUSE Guide: 5 Trends to Jump on in 2019

What trends will be hot in 2019?

Crossbody Bags:

Although not a new trend, the demand for crossbody bags and side bags has been at fever pitch and don’t see this trend slowing down. Seen on runways, the covetable crossbody was a hit in 2018 and with the steam only picking up, it’s sure to be a hit in 2019.

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Luxurious/Printed Long Coats

An ultimate statement piece, long coats will forever be in season. Switching it up from the plain and standard issue parkas, we predict that 2019 will see a crazy amount of printed and patterned long coats. Seen all-over London’s Men’s fashion week, whether it be faux fur overcoat, a plaid trenchcoat or tailored coat, long coats are a trend you’ll want to jump on in 2019.

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Casual Fitting Suits & Tailoring.

Tailoring and casual suits are making a comeback in a major way as the lines between couture and streetwear continue to fade season by season. Whether it’s Virgil Abloh  Louis Vuitton monogrammed suit which appeared on the likes of Kanye West and ASAP Rocky, Kim Jones’ layered organza over embroidered wool take on the classic suit at Dior, expect to see more variations of tailoring and casual suits in 2019.

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Bucket Hats.

An ode back to the ’90s, catwalks and runways are now filled with a selection of bucket hats and beret headwear. Championed by stylish mavens such as Tyler, the Creator and with Prada’s Linea Rossa line dropping their own line of neon-hued headgear, the bucket hat is back.

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Seen almost everywhere, especially on your favourite fashion influencer’s Instagram feed, neon has been popping up everywhere. Whether it be Kanye West rocking a neon green Anorak top under his neon green Balenciaga WFP t-shirt while in Africa, Louis Vuitton bodywarmers, Linea Rossa jackets or Acne suits, it’s clear that neon is the colour of choice in 2019.

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