CIFF Taps Artist Tavares Strachan For Exhibition at Copenhagen Fashion Week

Featuring six unique bomber jackets.

Unveiling a special project, CIFF and Bahamian-born artists Tavares Strachan unveiled an immersive exhibition space at this seasons Copenhagen Fashion Week.

Featuring a collection of six unique bomber jackets from Strachan’s B.A.S.E.C collection, as well as video installations, printed materials, photographs, sculptures and neon works, the exhibition which was curated by Nevile Wakefield is the third edition of the Northwind Trilogy presented by NorthMordern. The exhibition documents the artist’s process of making bomber jackets in the Bahamas and examining the synergies between art, fashion, community and exploration.

Speaking on the collaboration, NorthMordern Director, Kristian W. Andersen said: “Tavares’s new project B.A.S.E.C. aligns perfectly with our vision and commitment to art, fashion and the future of our city,”

Take a look at the immersive exhibition which presented at Copenhagen Fashion Week in the images below:

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