2019 Men’s Fashion: Main Trends of the Upcoming Season

A lot of men want to be fashionable, to follow the latest trends and to combine the right things. That is why they are seeking to learn something new about the street fashion of the current season and just look good. There is nothing wrong with it, as a modern man should not constantly wear only jeans and T-shirts. If he is willing to make experiments, try on different images and look different every day, so why not?

To start with you should decide on who is that person you are wearing for: would you like to look strict during a business meeting or maybe to impress a girl at Fuckbook review. The best way to do it is by learning 8 main trends of the following season for men.

  1. Shortened Free Cut Pants

These can be classic trousers, which look like you have grown rapidly from them, or pants with a turnout, chinos or joggers. You decide which model to choose. The main thing – to follow the general free-shortened trend.

  1. Shirts with a contrast print

Each season shirts are becoming more interesting. Abstractions, colorful peas, tropical motifs. The 2019th is once again calling to join the race for original prints and colors in search of something truly unusual and memorable.

  1. Jackets with wide stripes

Blazers in this color will look stylish, even sloppy. Well, to look like a millionaire of 1950–1960, strolling on his own yacht is a new trend in 2019. Try it out yourself.

  1. Pants with tucks

One more trend from the 1950s – 1960s. You should be careful: such cuts suits only for thin men who would like visually to add weight in the lower half of the body.

  1. Ripped denim

If your jeans or jackets look as if you washed and dried them 50 times and in the intervals, they wore holes, you are in trend. Frayed jeans are one of the must-haves of 2019. Color and cut do not matter.

  1. Extra-long shirts

The ideal length is to cover the knee. Do you think it looks childish? Take a look at the collections presented at the world fashion weeks, and you will see how boldly and easily designers mix shorts, not only with T-shirts or Hawaiian shirts but also with strict ones and business jackets.

  1. Wide Light Linen Pants

Despite the simplicity, this thing is clearly from the luxury ones. Wear trousers with the belt if you want to look more strictly or with untucked shirts in order to look slightly careless and relaxed.

  1. T-banners

In 2019, T-shirts are a way to tell the world about your thoughts, attitudes, and life slogans. It is extremely important that the application should not be too serious. Black humor, word-games, sarcasm – this is what will make a T-shirt fashionable.


So, now you may feel well prepared for any occasion. Having these things in your wardrobe will bring you confidence and excellent stylish look.

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