Generation Z

Creative Direction & Styling: Samantha Ria // @samantharia
Photographer: Joel Smedley // @smedleyshots
Assistant Stylist: Rhys Marcus Jay // @rhysmarcusjay
Fashion Assistant: Kadie Bautista // @kdbtst
Wisdom (AMCK Models) and Talib (PRM Agency) // @boywis  @tjamal1
Videographer: Noah Sapon // @nwuh

Clothing and hat: All Sunnei, Cutler + Goss glasses, Trainers: Reebok @ Schuh

Jacket and trousers: Arthur Avellano, Top: Christopher Raeburn, Hat: Sunnei, Shoes: Dr Martens @ Schuh, Glasses: Paul Smith

Blazer: Represent, Trousers: 3.Paradis, Top: Stylists own, Trainers: Byblos, Glasses: Paul Smith, Hat: ASOS, Bag: Barbour

Jacket and trousers: Andrea Crews, Shirt: Christopher Raeburn, Trainers: Reebok @ Schuh, Glasses: Nopeet

Jacket, Trousers and Hat: All C2H4, Bag: Christopher Raeburn, Sweater: Lacoste, Trainers: Reebok @ Schuh, Glasses: Urban Outfitters

Jacket and trousers: Represent, Trainers: Reebok @ Schuh, Glasses: Urban Outfitters

Clothing:  All Edward Crutchley, Glasses: Urban Outfitters, Trainers: Reebok @ Schuh, Bag: Christopher Raeburn

Blazer and trousers: Byblos, Top: Stylists own, Hat: Studio ALCH, Shoes: Dr Martens @ Schuh, Glasses: Cutler and Goss

Gilet and jacket: Palm Angels, Trainers: Byblos, Jeans: MISBHV, Glasses: Urban Outfitters

Dungarees: Studio ALCH, Top: Byblos, Trainers: Nike @ Footlocker, Glasses: Urban Outfitters

Talib: Suit: Sunnei, Bag: Levis @ ASOS, Hat: C2H4, Trainers: Reebok @ Schuh. Wisdom: All clothing -Astrid Andersen, Bag – ASOS, Trainers – Byblor

Wisdom: Blazer: MISBHV, Top: Christopher Raeburn, Trousers: Palm Angels, Trainers: Nike @ Footlocker, Bag – ASOS. Talib: Full Look: MISBHV, Shoes: Reebok, Sunglasses: Off-White @ Sunglasses Hut

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