PAUSE Highlights: The Dior Saddle Bag

Menswear welcomes the Saddle Bag.

First Introduced by legendary designer John Galliano, the Dior Saddle bag was an iconic collector’s item until recently. Rereleased in a multitude of styles and, for the first time, for men, it has quickly become the crossbody bag to have for people in the know. With a Matthew Williams designed buckle, Kim Jones has put his own twist on the classic bag and has even released a metal iteration which will set you back $35,000, if you are lucky enough to even find one.

Despite its introduction into menswear, many men are opting to buy the women’s version of the bag – and vice versa. The men’s bag is more large and bulky so, for a smaller more sleek look, it is a great option to have. Scroll down to see how to style both the men and women’s iterations of the saddle bag and browse through our top picks of ones to buy!


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