A-COLD-WALL* Taps KM20 for Capsule Collection

As well as pop-up space.

A-Cold-Wall* recently joined forces with KM20, a Moscow based concept store, unveiling a new pop-up space alongside a four-piece capsule.

A part of the stores “Love Exchange” series, the range features a hooded sweatshirt, t-shirt as well as accessories like a cross body bag and a Panama hat, all dressed in the signature  ACW* branding including the bracket logo and arrows. The slogan “Developed in collaboration with KM20,” in Cyrillic lettering also appears throughout the collection, while the “large Cyrillic “ХОЛОДНАЯ СТЕНА” logo sits front and rear of the t-shirt and hoodie.

The launch of the collection is celebrated with an exclusive space designed by ACW* and KM20. With the collection is available online now, take a look at the capsule imagery below:


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