The Ultimate Men’s Night Out Fashion Guide

By June 11, 2019Guest Post

What if I told you that it does not take a lot of effort to be one of the most fashionable men in the room? Would you believe me or would you laugh it off?

When it comes to clothing and accessories, men have very few choices. That’s why it is rather easy to add style to your look. You just have to know the right way to put everything together.

Sit back as we guide you on how to dress to impress for a wonderful night out.

Know the Place of the Event

Research where you are going before going out. It will help you figure out what you have to wear. For example, if the place is a Chinese restaurant, you can simply wear your favorite hoodie with Chinese characters on it. Likewise, you should wear a sports jersey if you are going out to watch a match at the stadium. Start by knowing the event place right to dress properly.

Get the Right Memo for the Occasion

Your dress & style should properly fit with the occasion. Your sense of occasion represents how strong you are at the styling game. You do not want to turn up at a met gala with a normal black suit.

Likewise, wearing a pink suit at a funeral is not very fashionable.


Skinny jeans that showcase your physique is the best choice for date night. You can top it off with a comfortable t-shirt and a leather jacket.

You can match your shoes with the jacket color, or you can also rock a funky pair of sneakers. Don’t forget to accessorize with a watch to stay elegant and edgy at the same time.


You can choose to go minimalistic for a family gathering. A comfortable, one-colored full-sleeve shirt should be just fine. You can also opt for a sweatshirt as well.

Keep it lightweight with some fitted jeans. Add extra edge in the minimalistic look with some fancy boots or edge.

Chilling Out with the Buddies

Put on some dark-colored jeans preferably with shades. Opt for neon colors while choosing the right short sleeve t-shirt to go with the jeans. Or, you can simply rock a white t-shirt as well.

Pair it with a short jacket or a pullover. You can also use your light-colored jumper which will go perfectly with the pub vibe.

Solo Clubbing in the Disco

Skintight jeans that hug every inch of those legs is the perfect pant for a solo night-out. Get an equally-fitting full sleeve shirt and keep it fully buttoned.

You can roll up your sleeves in the middle to get a funkier look. And black boots! Yes, black boots to give the look a fierce finish.

Rocking on a Concert

Bring out your shaded and torn up pair of jeans. Now, pair it with a  striped t-shirt. Tuck it inside the pants to showcase your rock-star belt. Now, cover yourself with a black leather jacket with some cuts and chains.

Now you are ready to rock the concert.

Reception, Wedding, or Engagement

Start with some light-colored chinos that give you enough comfort, but make sure that it fits your skin like gloves.

Wear a formal shirt with a light color. Put this all together with a dark colored belt and dark shoes. You can now choose to wear your suit jacket or skip it; either works fine.

Formal Event with Business/Office Affiliation

You should stick with office attire when you go to these business outings, but you can switch it up with a half-sleeve formal shirt instead.

You can also have fun with the shoes and belt combination by going outside of the ordinary black and copper. You should also always pack a tie when you go to formal events.

Choose a Color That Fits and Flatters

You should always wear a color that compliments your skin tone. Try to avoid the warm colors if you have a whiter skin tone. It will not make your color pop.

You should go for cold colors to compliment your skin and feature. Likewise, a person with darker complexion would look better in neon colors and warm colors.

Look Out for Accessories Combination

Men have very few accessories inside their spectrum so they should make it count. Style up your whole look with a nice watch. But, do not just recycle the same watch over and over again.

Decide on the color and the style of the watch by having a look at the occasion. Caps, Bandana, Jeans Chain, Wristband – they can also be inputted into your look.

Groom Your Hair Like a Boss

You can change, elevate, and have fun with your look by styling your hair outside of your normal routine. Give it a back-comb, a ruffled look, or even a wet look by using the right hair products.

Do not shy away to have fun with hair and experimenting with your look. The right hairstyle can either make or break your game.

Match Your Shoes with Your Outfit

You should at least own the four basic pairs of shoes to up your ante in the styling game A black boots for the groovy night outs, a slick pair of speakers for those casual meetings, a formal shoe with some edge to alter it for party wears as well.

Finally, a pair of trainers for all-around usage. Match your outfit with the right pair of shoes to keep your A-game.

Your Face Needs Some Special Attention

Your complete styling game will fail if your face looks dull and ill-kept. Faveable suggests that you take good care of your face with the right treatment at the right time. Clean, moisturize, and protect it before you go out.

Your face is a key part of your fashion sense. Plus, top it off with the right cologne, and you are ready to roll.


Going out in style has its own perks. You not only get more attention from everyone, but your self-confidence also rises. So, dressing up in the right way is always an advantage.

I hope this article gives you clear instructions on how to be stylish when you go out. Have a blast out there.

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