Interview Backstage @ CASABLANCA SS20

Backstage @ CASABLANCA

At Paris Fashion Week Men’s PAUSE attended the Casablanca Spring/Summer 2020 runway show and did a quick interview with Creative Director & Founder Charaf Tajer.

So you’re a new brand. And I don’t know what it is, but you’re killing it. You’re doing something right.

C: Because I am not new to fashion. I created a brand called Pigalle before, where I was one of two founders. So I’ve been around this.
What made you decide to create Casablanca? 
C: I just wanted to apply my vision fully. Anybody that knows me will tell you that this is what I am.
So you’ve injected yourself into the brand. Where are you from? 
C: I’m from Morroco and Paris. I’m born and raised in Paris.
Do you inject both of your backgrounds into the collection then?
C: Yes, absolutely. That’s why the name is Casablanca.
Why is it called Casablanca? 
C: Well, because my parents met in Casablanca.
And tell me the inspiration for this collection? 
C: It’s definitely inspired by like, the vision of nature in Brazil, and how you can be sophisticated in a very tropical place.
Why did you decide to explore the nature of Brazil? 
C: Because Brazil is the most beautiful country in the world.
And tell me about your shirts. They are fire. What’s your most favourite piece from the collection? 
C: They are like my kids, I don’t have one favourite. I love them all.
Where did you get the design inspiration for the shirts?
C: Really from nature. I like the idea of men being very masculine and very feminine but in a very strong way, and I feel like silk is the most feminine thing.
And lastly, describe Casablanca in three words. 
C: Comfort and elegance. That’s three words [laughs]

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