Val Kristopher Unveils Deconstructed take on Nike High Top Silhouette

By July 16, 2019Sneakers

Val's Latest Redesign.

All around creative Val Kristopher may be best known for his denim deconstructions, but appeasing the sneakerheads with fresh new takes on classic Nike trainers will never be an unpopular job & Val’s latest work stands to prove this further.

Taking a high top style from the revered sportswear giant, Val’s latest design see the addition of a bulky, disconnected sole and a rope trim throughout, among other small tweaks.

While the style, obviously, isn’t going to be available to most of us, keep an eye on his website for further information.

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Shhhhh don’t tell anyone

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  • Lincoln says:

    I need a pair of these ASAP. I would definitely drop some cash for some kicks like these.

  • Mieke says:

    I’m in love with these shoes I like different shoes and these shoes are definitely the best shoes ever

  • Alexa Moore says:

    I have been searching for these on every website, there has to be one out there somewhere. Can anyone help me find it.

    • Valérie Pierre-Louis says:

      I’ve also been looking endlessly for these and asked several sellers but I can’t find them anywhere. There’s also no information on anyone who’s ever bought them. So I don’t know if they ever released or even sold. Would love some info on them as well.

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