PAUSE or Skip: Jaded London’s White Saddle Bag

By August 5, 2019PAUSE or Skip

Saddle Bag Mania.

With Dior reinventing its iconic Saddle bag silhouette, bringing it back in several variations, Jaded Man is throwing its hat into the ring with it’s of variation of the staple accessory. Likely seen on your favourite fashion influencers Instagram page, the accessory, with its leather canvas, seat belt-like buckle and adjustable strap adds a stylish touch to any outfit.

One of the must-have accessory of the season, is the Jaded Man Saddle Bag a PAUSE or Skip? Let us know below:

PHOTO CREDIT: @lucaskastberg / @joannahstyle / @blvckmvnivc / @njimalone / @alm1nd

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