PAUSE or Skip: Mimesis’ SYS.001_ PVC Strap Bag

In an array of colours.

With cross body bags still all the rage, Korean brand, Mimesis recently unveiled its SYS.001 model.

Dropping in three distinct hues, the accessory carrying option features a PVC body is decorated in a choice of Neon, Off-White or Black shades. With a minimal design, the bag features a PVC or chain-link strap and is finished with simple Mimesis branding on the front and silver-tone hardware in the form of a triangle on the bottom right.

Seen complimenting the fits of some of your favourite fashion influencers, is this lightweight Mimesis SYS.001 bag a PAUSE or Skip? Let us know below:

PHOTO CREDIT: @koseiyutaka / @alanrvy / @gaepig / @clementnwz / @mogimike / @chiveskella / @70s.vogue / @_jjang.e / @ushuboi /  @sexxjean

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