PAUSE TO DO: Wellness, Hydration and Boosters by REVIV

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What’s the quickest way to a man’s heart? If you know

the best way is to go straight in, you will understand that

a drip is considered the most effective way to get vitimins to the body and hydrate.

REVIV Wellness in Marylebone offers a menu of wellness treatments

including intravenous hydration therapies and energy booster shots.

The firm has over 30 outlets accress the globe.


The Great Portland Street clinic give a consultation if it’s your first time,

to find out more about your lifestyle and what your needs might be.

It can be done over the phone or in person just before your booking.

While sat in the plush lounge, my nurse who also works in the trauma department

of an NHS hostpital, explain that a B12 shot would be the best choice.

This is recommented because it relates to energy, mood, sleep and appetite.

A main role in the way out immune system works, its ability to stimulate

red blood cells is the reason for the positive effects.


It can appear intimidating, the idea of people hooked up to a drip

when you feel perfectly fine. Popular culture means we associate

the instruments used only with illness. Don’t expect to leave the clinic

like a Marvel Superhero heading in to battle, but closer to a “starter” or “top up”.

The feeling is over days rather than an immediate hit we get from energy drinks or coffee.


It’s reported that this method means you get 100% of the treatment. This compares

to the body being able to only absort 50% via alternative methods such as drinking water.


The range of treatments are quick so could be done on your lunch break.

My booster took a few minutes and I was out the door. Boosters start at £29

and options include one GLUTATHIONE BODY BOOSTER that is an antioxidant

and detoxifier.


See the website for the full list.

REVIV Wellness Website

Address: 45 Great Portland Street, W1W 7LD

0207 636 4922




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