Staying in Vogue Can Get Expensive: That is No Excuse to Give Up on Style Though!

By November 12, 2019Fashion News

If you are even remotely into fashion, you know that there is no point in sugar-coating the obvious all too well already. Luxury designer brands make the most in-trend and the highest quality clothes and accessories that money can buy, but unless you have the money, there is practically no point in looking at those $1,000+ pair of Versace Red Pony Chain Reaction sneakers.

Even if you are a student without rich, benevolent parents or a hard worker not yet in a place where you can afford the most luxurious items, this doesn’t mean you need to give up on fashion. That’s not even an option here!

Stay with us as we discuss a few practical plans that will allow you to remain fashionable today and become even more so in the future. Not only are we going to discuss affordable fashion tips, but we will talk about creating a better career for yourself so that, in the future, you can actually afford what you can’t afford today.

Stay in Shape: It’s More Important than You May Imagine

Staying in shape doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to sport a size zero figure or a ripped physique, but in order to make your fashion statement come alive, nothing beats a fit, athletic build.

Not that having a few extra pounds on you is the end of fashion or that being skinny means you need to be too worried either, but your wardrobe choices might become a bit limited. Then again, it depends on you, your self-confidence and your perspective because a lot of people, even in the fashion industry, believe that anyone can wear anything, irrespective of how they look or how much they weigh.

Having said all that, staying in shape is not that hard once you get started, and after you have been at it for a month or so, you will realize some very important advantages of a fit lifestyle, both in terms of fashion and health.

In relation to what we are discussing here, you will feel more energetic, confident and enthusiastic about trying out new fashion trends, even if it’s not from the most expensive brand around. An aesthetic build or figure can help you to transcend those boundaries because, whether you are wrapped in Prada or a local brand you can’t remember the name of, it’s your frame that makes it stand out from the rest.

Aside from the obvious style advantage of being in good shape, working out is not expensive either, even though the fitness industry might try to convince you otherwise! You can stay fit simply by working out at home, looking after your nutrition/hydration and getting enough sleep every night. Join a public gym if you want, and follow an online trainer at a fraction of the cost of a personal trainer.

Learn the Basics and then Figure Out Your Own Style Later

Here is the most difficult thing about fashion that most people get wrong these days, but it’s not their fault really. There is just so much media around us today, teaching us things that aren’t even true.

Celebrities can break trends and get away with it all the time because they have attained a certain position in society. When the average person tries to pull the same off, it just looks weird.

Does it mean you cannot set your own trends just because you are not a celebrity? Well, thanks to social media channels, that is not at all true today. However, in order to reach that legendary Instagram status of becoming a fashion influencer, it is important to learn the basics of dressing first. There are actual, very defined dress codes for every occasion, and every accepted, standardized piece of clothing or accessory in existence is included directly or indirectly in them. At the very least, get to learn the science behind matching colours, and you will be able to pull of some stunners in no time. The brand won’t even matter.

Building a Better Future: Education is the Key to Unlocking Your Wishes

Now that we have covered the basics of looking good while you don’t have money, it’s time to talk about how to get to that place when you do have it. After all, everyone needs at least one tailor-made Armani suit or pair of Gucci Classic sneakers in their collection!

If you have a business plan, you are already ahead of the curve, but proper education is necessary to give that plan the shape it needs to succeed. In this age of online education and distance learning, accounting, finance, business management and various similar courses can be completed by nearly anyone with the academic and experiential requisites to do so.

You don’t have to give up on your present job or even leave your city to complete Aston University’s distance learning accounting & finance master’s degree. The program has AACSB, AMBA and Equis accreditation, and most importantly, you may not even need an undergraduate degree at all if you have sufficient work experience.

Irrespective of where you are and which field you are in, you can get to a higher tier on the pay scale with online education. After all, when it comes to distance learning, accounting is certainly not the only path you can take, but it sure can be a profitable one!

If you look back into the past of celebrities who are considered fashion icons today, you will notice that they were already fashionable even before they became famous. Style, aesthetics and sense of fashion are often natural instincts, and just like a lot of their fans today, they never compromised on this just because they couldn’t afford Armani suits back then. Instead, they worked towards building a future where the brands paid them money to wear and sponsor their products instead.

Not everyone can become as rich and famous as Stormzy or David Beckham for being stylish, of course, but you can get to a place in life where you can buy from the brands you love without having to worry too much about the price tags. In the meanwhile, stay in shape and work towards a brighter future in style.

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