By February 10, 2020Fashion News

Dedicated to the Gucci Tennis 1977.

Tapping London-based artist, director and photographer, Max Siendentopf, Gucci recently unveiled its #ACCIDENTALINFLUENCER digital project; a playful take on the idea of imitation and replication.

Informed by Gucci’s Tennis 1977 sneaker which saw the luxury house take a low-top archive design and use it as reference for a contemporary version, the latest digital project from Gucci sees seemingly identical people congregate spontaneously in every-day situations such as on a bus, at a café or having a candid moment on the street, wearing the similar outfits and donning Gucci’s Tennis 1977 sneaker.

Captured by Siedentopf this campaign will be launched on Gucci’s social media platforms alongside bespoke choreographed videos for TikTok and a virtual “try on” feature on the Gucci App. Check out Gucci’s #ACCIDENTALINFLUENCER digital campaign in the images below:


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