How to Improve Your Body Image and Confidence

By April 20, 2020Guest Post

How do you perceive your body? What do you feel when you look at yourself in the mirror? Gratitude? Acceptance? Or, shame and disappointment? You see, having a good body image is tough. Unfortunately, we live in a world where we’re always reminded that our bodies aren’t good enough. To have a ‘good’ body, you need to have perky bums, washboard abs, cellulite-free thighs, and defined jawlines. This makes us not to celebrate what we already have, and we spend so much time and money trying to correct our perceived flaws.

You can’t hate your body and feel great about yourself. Additionally, it becomes difficult to take good care of your body if you have a poor opinion of yourself. Fortunately, you can control your body image and how you perceive yourself. Read on to find out how.

1.     Don’t compare yourself to others.

Nobody was born perfect. Almost everyone has that one thing they wish they could change about their body. But then, wishing you had someone’s legs, thighs, smile, hair, or such other things takes away what’s uniquely yours. You’ll never look like someone else, so stop comparing yourself to others.

2.     Focus on what you like about your body.

What do you like about your body? Focus on that. It helps to boost your spirit, and you’ll barely notice the things you don’t like.

3.     Focus on what you can change.

Instead of spending energy wishing you had cellulite-free thighs, or you were taller, focus on things you can change like losing some pounds or having a straight, bright smile.

4.     Dress well and comfortably.

Do you want to shed some pounds before you buy some new clothes? Don’t keep on wearing some uninspiring clothes that make you feel dull, while you wait to reach your target weight. There are some amazing fashion styles for plus-sized people. Pick up some exceptional wardrobe pieces, like a classic watch, stylish scarf, fashionable footwear, or jewelry that help to lighten up your image. If you have man boobs or puffy nipples that make you feel uncomfortable, shop for a good nipple cover or compression shirt to conceal them.

5.     Practice self-care.

Set aside time to take care of your body. Regular ‘me times’ helps to improve your body image. Get a massage, take a warm bath, write a journal, or read an inspiring book.

6.     Avoid offending media.

What you read and watch affects how you feel about yourself. You should, therefore, be very careful about the social media pages you follow, and the magazines or sites you read. Avoid gossip media and programs that are image-focused. Remember, almost every image you see on social media has most likely been edited or filtered.

7.     Practice gratitude.

Appreciate and be thankful for what you already have, including good health. Simple things, such as being grateful every time you wake up, allow you to start your day on a positive note. Keep a gratitude list, and you won’t have time to worry about your body flaws.

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