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If you’re in the market for a stunning piece of jewelry that adds instant pizzazz to your looks, you should definitely consider cocktail rings. Big, bold, beautiful, and over-sized, cocktail rings fall in the statement jewelry category. Plus, cocktail rings are truly versatile and complement many outfits and looks. Keep reading to know all about cocktail rings, and also the best ways to adorn this stylish jewelry piece.

What’s a cocktail ring?

The simplest way to define a cocktail ring is that it’s much larger than a conventional ring. It’s usually crafted with large-sized gemstones and features striking designs that will instantly attract attention. The gemstone is often placed at the center, giving a cocktail ring its brilliant looks.

Given its imposing size, cocktail rings often use affordable gemstones and metals, so they don’t end up becoming exorbitant. If you’re looking for a ring that’s reasonably priced yet looks lavish and exquisite, a cocktail ring is a great choice. There are also high-end cocktail rings made with pure diamonds and expensive metals, such as gold or platinum, for the discerning woman who wants nothing but the best.

Though there are no set rules on how cocktail rings should be styled, the most important factor to consider when shopping for one is to choose a piece that will go with a variety of outfits in your wardrobe and give you a glamorous look, winning loads of compliments.

How to wear a cocktail ring?

While there are no hard rules on how to wear a cocktail ring, the right hand is the most appropriate to sport a beautiful cocktail ring, and here’s why! You want the cocktail ring to stand out and add to your glam looks, so you should reserve it for the right hand, where you don’t wear other rings such as your wedding band or the engagement ring. Wearing your bold and beautiful cocktail ring on the right hand will ensure it gets the right of exclusivity it deserves!

The size and shape of the cocktail ring will also determine the finger on which it should be worn. A large ring with a long shape will look great on all fingers, except the small ring. A chunky cocktail ring with a round silhouette suits your middle finger the best, as it will show up prominently, enhancing its glam appeal.

A thumb ring is a trendy choice to sport a unique cocktail ring that will give you a boho-chic look, pairing well with casual outfits. We recommend trying the ring on all fingers, and see where it looks best and how comfortable you feel wearing it on a particular finger, and you’re all set!

Top Cocktail Ring Styles and Silhouettes

We’ve rounded up the top styles and patterns in cocktail rings sported by top celebrities on fashion runways and at red carpet events. Keep reading for fashion advice on choosing trendy cocktail rings to make you look like a glamorous diva.

Antique Cocktail Rings

Gorgeous and timeless, cocktail rings have been around for ages, and they continue to remain popular. Antique or vintage cocktail rings feature a large gemstone in the center with intricately carved metal or smaller gemstones set in a detailed fashion surrounding it. The beauty of antique rings lies in their ornate design that has stood the test of time.

If you love color, opt for a bright-hued precious stone surrounded by pave cut gemstones on a silver ring. This is a classic design you can never go wrong with. The interplay of silver metal and colored gemstone with the highlight of pave stones gives this silhouette a striking appeal.

If you prefer subtle designs, try a large-sized pearl stone as the centerpiece set in a richly patterned gold or silver split band. The white or ivory pearl will give this cocktail ring an elegant touch, perfect for women who want that captivating beauty without too much drama.

Metal Rings

Metal rings are a terrific choice for women who want to sport cocktail rings without too much bling and color. Unlike gemstone rings, metal rings are very versatile and will go with most outfits, since you don’t have to worry about matching or contrasting the color of the gemstone with your outfits.

Cocktail rings in metal will often feature a heavy design, such as multiple rings stacked into one to form a stand-out silhouette. Metal rings will often be richly patterned and may combine more than one color to give it a striking finish. For a robust look, we love black metal rings with accents of gold or silver in them. For a daintier appeal, opt for ornate gold or silver rings with a pop of rose gold.

Mix and Match Rings

Mix and match rings are very popular now, and they create a stunning effect on your fingers, similar to what a solo cocktail ring would do. When opting for a mix and match style, ensure the rings complement each other in terms of size, color, and style. A nice way of styling this look would be to wear a patterned metal band topped with a delicate band encrusted with small diamonds or tiny gemstones. This creates a sophisticated look without being too loud. Remember, really big-sized rings are best worn as statement pieces. The mix and match look works for smaller and mid-sized rings that can be stacked one over the other.

Modern Cocktail Rings

For the new-age woman who wants to wear the classic cocktail ring but with a modern flair, you’ll find many choices. A large-sized ring with an open silhouette, set with rows of small diamonds and pearls on gold or silver metal, is a fresh spin on a classic design. Look for unique shapes such as geometric patterns, overlapping rows featuring metal, diamonds, or pearls for a contemporary look to cocktail rings.

Top Tips to Keep in Mind When Buying Cocktail Rings

Listed below are top factors to keep in mind when buying cocktail rings, so you can make an informed choice.


A traditional cocktail ring featuring a bold gemstone centerpiece will need careful consideration before buying. Cocktail rings with a colored gemstone won’t complement all outfit colors, so you need to first consider your wardrobe before heading out to buy this silhouette. Opt for a gemstone that will match with many outfits you own, so you get great value from your purchase.

You could also opt for a metal ring with a large silhouette and an intricate pattern, which is far more versatile than single gemstone rings. Metal will go with many outfit styles and colors and is a valuable statement ring to have in your fashion arsenal.


Having a varied collection of cocktail rings will help you match the rings to the occasion, which is significant for your overall look. For daily wear, choose rings that aren’t chunky or colorful, yet look bold and striking. For example, sculptural or architectural rings are great for office wear and will give you a stylish look without looking too loud or flashy. Remember, large-sized rings with colored gemstones are best suited for special occasions and may not be suitable for the workplace.

If you’re headed to a special event such as a wedding or a cocktail party, bring out those blingy cocktail rings and match them with your evening gowns for a glamorous look. Quirky and playful styles, such as those featuring colorful beads, are excellent for casual outings. Fashion rings with colored beads and stones can add spunk to your plain old white shirt and denim jeans for an extra something.

Nails and Hands

A cocktail ring is meant to draw focus to your nails and hands, so ensure your nails are well-kept, and your hands look soft and glowing. Take time to get a nice manicure done, so your nails will look impeccable when people notice your stunning ring. Pick a nail color that complements the color of your cocktail ring to create a harmonious palette. Neutral-colored nail paints work well for both colorful and metallic cocktail rings.

Quality of the Ring

Since gemstones are often made with relatively inexpensive gemstones and metal, you’ll need to carefully scan the piece to ensure there are no visible flaws. This is especially true if you’re buying a cocktail ring that has a precious or semi-precious stone embedded. Check for the clarity of the gemstone, ensuring it doesn’t look blurry or damaged. Also, inspect the setting of the ring, especially if you’re buying a ring with a large center stone. Ensure the prongs are sturdy enough to hold the gemstone. Tell your jeweler if you’re allergic to a particular metal, so they can suggest an appropriate ring that doesn’t contain that metal.

Last but not least, cocktail rings are all about drawing focus to yourself. Wear them with confidence, and don’t shy away from flaunting them. Go ahead and visit your favorite jewelry store to shop for trendy cocktail rings that will suit your taste and ramp up your style.

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