PAUSE Highlights: Home Workout Essentials

Look good, feel good.

The saying ‘look good, feel good’ has probably never rung more accurate than it does these days. With the coronavirus pandemic sweeping through nations – rendering everything to an immediate halt – many of us who used fitness and the gym as a way to off steam at the end of the day are now confined to the four corners of our rooms, with Instagram Live workout sessions flooding our timelines reminding us how unfit we are getting as we sit on the sofa snacking.

As most athletes will assert, when you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, you do good. However, summoning the motivation to do a work out at home can at times prove to be a harder challenge than the work itself, but often just having the right gear can be the spark you need to get you back on the fitness wave.

If you’re at home, watching the endless stream of IG live workouts and wanting to get involved but just can’t find the motivation, then maybe some new workout pieces are in order. So we’ve complied a list of home workout must-haves pieces ranging from Gymshark, Nike and Reebok to BoohooMAN Active.

Shop below:

Nike Flex Stride Wild Run Shorts

SHOP Nike Wild Run Shorts

Gymshark Base Leggings

SHOP Gymshark Leggings

Nike Wild Run Half Zip Top

SHOP Nike Wild Run Top

Gymshark Studio Shorts

SHOP Gymshark Shorts

Adidas Stella McCartney Rolling Mat

SHOP Stella McCartney Mat

Adidas Run It Tights

SHOP Adidas Tights

adidas Sport Headphones

SHOP Adidas Sport Headphones

adidas Ozweego Sneakers

SHOP Ozweego Sneakers

BoohooMAN Vest & Shorts Set

SHOP BoohooMAN Active Set

BoohooMAN Active Top

SHOP BoohooMAN Active Top

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