How To Prepare For A 420 Smoking Session With Your Friends

By May 12, 2020Guest Post

The legalization of marijuana in many states today has brought a lot of joy among the weed smokers. This is so because they no longer have to hide in order to enjoy smoking a joint with the fear that they will be arrested. The weed-smoking sessions have made the bonding session between friends enjoyable and fun. Truth be told, there is nothing that beats the experience of having your boys around, smoking some high-quality weed, and still maintaining your style. Talking of style, you need to look dapper while smoking weed- get dressed up and show up. With that said, here are a few ways that you can prepare for a 420 session with your pals;

  1. Choose the right outfit.

Whether you are planning to go to an outside location for the 420 session or stay indoors, you need to look good. As such, you want to choose the right outfit that will make you stand out and look good. If it is an indoor thing, you can wear a designer t-shirt, a pair of jeans or shorts and some sneakers- something simple but classy. On the other hand, if you will be going for an outdoor thing, you can wear a more flashy outfit such as a bright t-shirt with some cool prints, or even a shirt, some jeans and pair it up with some sneakers. Whatever outfit you go for, make sure you feel and look amazing in it. Also, do not forget to wear your designer perfume- but do not overdo it. I mean, after the session, you still want to smell fresh. And who knows, you might be meeting your partner or even a family member after the session hence the need to always look and smell good.

  1. Buy good quality weed.

Currently, there are many weed dispensaries selling weed to their customers. While some of these stores sell high-quality marijuana, some do not. Ensure that you buy from a legit weed dispensary that is known to sell high-quality weed. Remember, low-quality weed not only smells bad but will not burn as expected, and you might not feel the high that you expect from the weed.

You can buy different strains depending on each one’s preferences. Also, you can have weed edibles such as weed cookies, weed cakes, weed tea, and so on. Having different varieties during the session gives everyone an option to try out what is on the table.

  1. Have some food and water on standby

The hunger pangs that strike during a weed session can get unbearable. In fact, most pot smokers see food as gold during these sessions. For this reason, you want to have food nearby. If you do not have any homemade food with you, ensure that you have a food delivery number on standby. Also, you want to have a lot of water to drink during the session. Hydrate at all times to avoid mouth dryness, which can be very uncomfortable.

  1. Do not forget your speakers.

Listening to some cool music while puff-puff passing the joint to your friends is something that heightens the whole experience. Therefore, if you will be in an outdoor setting, do not forget to carry your Bluetooth speakers with you. With some good music, you can form a circle and enjoy dancing together and learn a few moves here and there.

Take Away

Do you feel more excited about the next 420 session you have planned with your friends? Now that you have some tips on how to prepare for it be sure to have the time of your life!




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