PAUSE or Skip: KidSuper Artwork Trench Coat

By July 22, 2020PAUSE or Skip

A piece of art!

Owner and designer of KidSuper, Colm Dillane started the brand as a simple streetwear label, selling graphic t-shirts and casual-wear. The brand has since managed to make a serious impact on the high-fashion scene, presenting during Paris Fashion Week (on the official schedule for the first time this season) with runway shows that are filled with personality and authenticity.

Sticking to the brand’s roots, it uses illustrations drawn by Colm to bring a garment to life – the only difference being that they now offer suits and trench coats as well as T-shirts and tracksuits.

For this piece, a beige trench coat is given a colourful twist as paintings of portraits and landscapes are printed onto overlaying panels, as well as on the base of the jacket. A blue strip of fabric is utilised to tie the double-breasted outerwear item while orange and brown fabric is used to tie the end of either arm.

Is this jacket a PAUSE or Skip? Let us know!

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PHOTO CREDIT: Selfridges

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