PFW: Casablanca SS21 Collection & Interview

Casablanca SS21 Interivew

‘After the Rain Comes the Rainbow,’ the describe the combines the Spring/Summer 2021 collection for Casablanca. Released digitally, Casablanca shares its inspiration behind yet another immaculate collection.

Describe the man you are dressing for SS21?

What I have always championed is creating something that is timelessly beautiful. A lifestyle that any man or woman can buy into, I think the stylish grandpa in a tracksuit can be just as cool as the young kid in music. I am very inspired by older generations in my collections. My biggest inspirations all come from the school of timeless beauty, rather than ‘hype’ or ‘irony’. Chanel, Hèrmes and Cartier – are fundamentally based on the beauty of the garment, that’s what inspires me. I love the idea of someone picking up a Casablanca shirt in a vintage shop in twenty years.

What is the core inspiration for the collection and why?

The collection is called ‘After the Rain Comes the Rainbow’. I took inspiration from two main sources. The first, I was lucky enough to have been in Hawaii when lock down started to be introduced. I designed the collection under the pink skies of the rainbow state. As I love to introduce aspects of nature and beautiful landscapes into the fashion Casablanca produces, it was a very inspiring environment. The second, is that we hope to bring some light into the darkness that the world faces right now. I wanted to enliven some of what everyone gets to see so we can have some time to reflect in a little beauty.

Tennis sport seems to be a big part of the brands identity, where does this stem from?

The first collection of Casablanca was named Casablanca Tennis Club, and it’s a theme that’s always coming back. It’s an aesthetic, so it’s not only the sport of tennis, but it’s also the lifestyle that goes with it. I like the sport because there is a distinct elegance to it that I have always identified with.

Masculinity and femininity is a merging together in your collection season by season, how important is this in todays society?

Elegance and beauty should not be an exclusively female trait. Now is a time for men to also feel that they can freely express themselves through art.

What are you championing through the collection?

Bringing some light into dark times.

Describe Casablanca in one word.


Check out the full Casablanca Spring/Summer 2021 collection which showcased at Paris Fashion Week Online below:

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