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By October 26, 2020Lifestyle

Go offline and relax.

Located near the heart of central London, Kensington MediSpa’s luxury experience took my mind, body and soul into a peaceful place. With its heated beds, soft Moroccan perfume scent and variety of bespoke treatments. I had a 1-hour relaxation destress massage which had me switching off completely until calm mode.

The warm oils soften your skin as the massage therapist begins to work on full-body massage treatment. Working along your back, shoulders, neck, arms, feet, legs – your soul is taken into another world. Kensington MediSpa offers a range of different treatments which are carried out with pride and delivered with the utmost care and excellency.

With the rise of everyone working from home, it’s important to zone out and go for a peaceful massage to release the tension from sitting up on your from your desk all day.

The experience at Kensington Medispa brought a huge stress relief, leaving my mind, body and soul feeling 100%.

Address: The Royal Garden Hotel, 2- 24 Kensington High St, London W8 4PT

Visit the website for more information:

Kensington MediSpa Treatments Price List

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