The Most Luxurious Casinos in The World

By October 4, 2020Guest Post

Hollywood is no stranger to casting a scene or two inside a luxury casino, in fact, the grander, the better for the viewer is the perception.

Take the exceedingly grotesque Willy Bank superbly portrayed by Al Pacino in the film Oceans Thirteen, a character full of the desire for money, excess, and greed was in the mind of director Steven Soderbergh when looking for the ‘villan’ of the piece and it was executed with the class we have come to expect from Al Pacino.

Online casinos often adopt a VIP area too, although there is still no shortage of games on offer for those of us wanting to dabble, such as the Jackpot Giant slot game and more traditional table games.

However, although Willy Bank is no more than fiction, there are a number of casinos in the world that do strive to serve the richest of customers with a heavy focus on providing only the very best to high rollers.

The Kurhaus of Baden-Baden

The Kurhaus of Baden-Baden in Germany oozes sophistication and historical presence. Designed in 1824, the casino is one of the oldest still operating casinos in the world today.

In the mid-1830’s the casino came to prominence and benefitted from high rollers coming over the border from France after gambling was forbidden.

Today, the Kurhaus is a sight to behold and still retains a lot of his historical charisma. The sight is so prestigious even NATO held its 2009 Strasbourg-Kehl summit at the location.

Marina Bay Sands Singapore

One look at the Singapore skyline and you will be mesmerised by the towering presence of the Marina Bay Sands casino and hotel.

The flat rooftop is famous for an infinity pool that offers remarkable sights all over Singapore and the Formula One circuit when the prestigious night race is in town.

The casino itself boasts the world’s largest Swarovski crystal chandeliers with a special Sands reward club and over 15,000sq meters of casino floor space.

Sun City South Africa

The Sun City casino resort located roughly two hours outside of Johannesburg is a marvel in itself largely for its location.

Just outside the resort is the spectacular Pilanesberg National Park but back inside there is more than one option for the casino player.

For the high roller, the Palace at the Lost City is the place to go with its exclusive prive is a must with compliments of the resort in no short supply.

Bellagio Las Vegas

We had to include at least one casino from the famous Vegas Strip and the Bellagio is another that features in the Oceans movie franchise and many other Hollywood productions over the years.

From the famous spraying fountain outside the casino to the flowing classic hallways, the Bellagio oozes charm with an appeal to the most ardent art critic.

However, despite its classic looking design, the Bellagio only opened its doors in October 1998 but as we have come to expect from high-flying casinos, the opening party cost a reported $88 million. Ouch.

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