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PAUSE PRESS PLAY, the debut edition for DJ’s is here! Pressing PAUSE and PLAY is an action that we’ve all been doing for most of 2020, so here’s a curated list of vibe creators who have mixed and blended into our lives this year.

Special thanks to Clarks Originals


CREDITS: Shirt: Bianca Saunders, String Vest: Stylist’s Own, Trousers: Paul Smith @ Mr Porter, Trainers: Clarks Originals, Jewellery: Feather Pendants

When did you start DJing?

Well, I guess officially, in 2018 I started DJing with two friends of mine that I used to work with, we had a trio called OKK and did loads of pub gigs (big up The Haggerston) and small parties for friends. I’ve been obsessed since then but funnily enough back in the day in youth club, I used to always be on the Home mix CD DJ Decks that we begged the organisers to get from Argos. Proper cute, after school I used to mash up the place with Ministry of Sound Compilations, Craig David’s “Born To Do It” and So Solid Crew’s album…. that whole 2000-01 era was the one! So, guess we can say from then? Ha.

What or who were your initial influences?

I used to listen to a lot of radio, following my mum’s footsteps with her favourites like Choice and vibes FM, then I learnt how to use the radio and would lock into Pirate station’s playing Grime and garage which was the sound of my generation, used to love this station called Horror FM.

My mum and family have a lot to do with me loving music though, she would always buy me music gifts for my birthdays, and she had a serious CD Collection. From VP Records compilations to the latest Import of rap and hip hop from the U.S. I remember her playing N.O.R.E’s “What” and losing my mind! My uncles were DJ’s too, on that same Choice/Vibes FM circuit, playing rare grooves and reggae so I would be hearing Dennis Brown, Dazz Band, Patrice Rushen and things like that, then my other uncle was into that stuff but a big rock/hardcore head, remember hearing Body counts “Cop Killer” blasting from his room when I was younger. So, my love for music came from my family’s love for it for sure.

What advice would you give to an upcoming DJ starting out?

Guess there are loads of other things I could say here but I think the most important thing to me and what I would say to up-and-coming DJ’s, is that you have to love the music. It’s a whole different game now, where so many things matter other than your love for music nowadays with the need for Followers to be considered good by some, but I can definitely say they’ll be so many things in your journey that will discourage you or make you think you’re not good enough, not being given a fair shot or just not considered for line ups by friends or promoters but if your love for the music is totally genuine and real, it will shine through and past all the fuckery that comes with this. Trust.

Do you prefer the old-school way of DJing with vinyl or the modernised way of using solely technology?

 So funny I actually am getting myself a pair of Technics 1210s for Christmas, I had a turntable, years back so I have a couple records, mostly Jazz Funk/Fusion bits so nothing I can really mix on decks BUT I’ll be buying records again and starting with grime 12 inches. I put Dizzee Rascal’s – “Streetfighter” on my Christmas list and really want to see if I get a copy of Bearman’s Drinking Beer as the instrumental on that is pretty heavy! All the mastermind troopers and essentials stuff were pretty sick. Ima see what CKTRL wants to part with too as I know he’s got some BITS! Ha.

Has there been a highlight of the year?

The highlight of this year is being healthy and in employment, I’m a Graphic Designer full time so I am just thankful as it’s been such a hard year for everyone mentally and physically. So, this year has just been about giving thanks for me.

What do you wish to achieve in 2021?

Through doing radio on No Signal, I’ve got some interest from people all around the world, which is exciting, particularly Australia so I would love to play out there next year and just abroad in general as that’ll probably be the only way I’ll play in a club anytime soon ha. But I always wanted to have some sort of DJ residency somewhere, which would allow me to experiment and just develop my DJ style, I guess. So, hoping something like that comes along next year.



♦ CREDITS: Glasses – Anna-Karin Karlsson, Top – LA DoubleJ, Trousers- Norma Kamali, Shoes- Sophia Webster, Jewellery – Topshop

When did you start DJing?

I started DJing in 2017. Well, that’s when I put out my very first mix on Soundcloud. I was terrified lol.

What does DJing mean to you?

DJing really changed me. I was really shy before I started DJing. I didn’t really know how to hold a conversation and certainly couldn’t imagine being on a stage. So DJing for me means A LOT. It gave me confidence, I learned to not be terrified of social settings (since I literally live in the club lol) and gave me the opportunity to share the music that I love.

Has there been a vivid memory of your career that has been most memorable?

Yes! My first gig outside of my city. I had a booking in Helsinki, Finland and at this point I had never even been on a plane by myself. I remember accepting it like “yeah, cool, whatever” then the night before I was like: “Wait, I gotta get on this plane… by myself… then go to this gig, play, and stay in a hotel… by myself.” It’s not that long of a flight and might not seem too scary but that was a moment for me. Since then, I’ve played in Paris, Lille, Amsterdam and LA, but playing in Helsinki was so memorable because it was my first ever abroad gig travelling alone, and I had the best time.

If you could only listen to one genre of music for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Wow. This is extremely tough for me to answer because I listen to like 1000 genres but if I really had to choose, I’d probably choose 80s Disco. I never play it out but it’s happy music that I could listen to forever.

What advice would you give to an upcoming DJ starting out?

Don’t feel like you need to pick a genre and put yourself in a box. You don’t. People will respect you for your unique selection and taste in music. Also, use your own platforms and put yourself on. Throw your own parties and put yourself on the bill. Put mixes up on Soundcloud or Mix cloud. Don’t wait for anyone or anything.

What’s next and in store for you?

Well, COVID happened and I haven’t seen a club in a while, so I’ve been focusing on my radio station Plus 1 Radio. It was created to give new DJs a place to experiment, learn and grow as DJs. We’re currently on 60+ residents from London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Australia, Paris, The Philippines and more. My goal for the station is to build a community of DJs worldwide where DJs can play whatever they want and not feel like they need to shape and brand themselves as a certain type of DJ to be accepted by a platform.



♦ CREDITS: Top – Loewe via Mr Porter, Sunglasses – Loewe, Hat – Acne Studios via Mr Porter, Joggers – Les Benjamins, Trainers: Clarks Originals

When did you start DJing?

I’ve always been into music, and I used to DJ at house parties when I was in college and university, but I officially started DJing in 2013.

 What or who were your initial influences?

I’m influenced by alternative black culture, artists like N.E.R.D, Andre 3000, Kelis, Solange, Frank Ocean, Childish Gambino, Thundercat, Janelle Monae and loads of artists in that vein. The reason I started DJing is because I didn’t hear enough of these types of artists when I went out, so I try to implement this in my sets as much as possible.

How has your set up has evolved over time?

Technically my setup has become more streamlined, i started off using my laptop and controllers which I would have to carry around with me to all my sets, but now I use CDJ’s and my USB, which makes my life a lot easier, and also means i do spontaneous sets as I always have my music on me. Creatively, I would say my setup is pretty the same, I have such a strong love and connection to music, so I’m just as excited about my sets now as when I first started. I just have more experience now, so I know how to move through genres and era’s more seamlessly.

In an ideal world without COVID-19, let’s pretend you have a set. What’s the usual process when selecting material, etc?

I constantly reorganise and update my music library, but especially if I have a set coming up. The first thing i tend to do is go through my playlist and see if there’s any new or old tracks I can add to it. From my experience most DJs play the newest most popular tracks in their sets, so what I do is try to find the more obscure yet cult classic, or current album cuts that other people don’t play as much. My aim is to never play anything another DJ has played that night, there’s too many amazing songs in the world to be repeating. To achieve this, I generally try to get to my set an hour our 2 before my set time so I can hear what the other DJs play. Lastly but most importantly I read the crowd. It’s my job to entertain and create a vibe, so I pay close attention to the reactions, energy and excitement to stay on the right path.

Has there been a vivid memory of your career that has been most memorable?

I’ve had so many amazing highs of my career but one of my favourites is when I DJed for a night called ‘Queer Bruk’ earlier this year in February in Stratford which was one of the most surreal and euphoric sets I’ve ever had. Queer Bruk is a Queer club night centred around Caribbean and African music genres such as Bashment, Soca & Afrobeat. This was probably the most i felt at home as a Black British Caribbean Gay DJ, not feeling like I had to sacrifice any part of myself for once, and the fact that it was in East London where I was born and raised just made it that much sweeter.

What does 2021 have in store for you?

I feel extremely privileged to say 2020 has been a very successful year for me, I flourished in the creative scene with my directing, photography and DJing collaborating with and being commissioned by a wide range of international brands, artists and fellow creatives. It also saw the inception 3000CeanHill which is the brainchild of Ricky Rxse, Chia Seed Chia and me which is a video production/lifestyle brand which documents & showcases the alternative Black British experience. 2021 will just be continuing on this journey, building my brand and waving the flag of alt Black British culture.



♦ CREDITS: Full Look – Gucci, Trainers – Grenson

When did you start DJing?

I literally started DJing in secondary school, at lunchtime to be exact; we used to throw a ‘shubs’ in the theatre hall which later manifested into house parties and school proms. 15 years old and carefree. 

How has your set up has evolved over time?

I’ve used traktor from day one, although my setup has become lighter and more portable; I used to lug my homies desktop computer to the motives lol. Now it’ll just be my laptop. 

What does the art of DJing mean to you?

It’s v important to give people an experience when they come to hear me play. Experimenting with different swings and genres, merging sonics and fusing sounds seamlessly; using the ear as a canvas. Being an artist it’s paramount to paint with audio, framing moments, the dance floor is just another exhibition. 

Do you have a certain strategy to get the crowd pumped?

Once the gyaldem are comfortable and vibing in the function, party nice. 

What’s the last track you downloaded?

Tweet – Iceberg 

What goals have you set in place for the new year?

Champion the amalgamation of being a rapper and DJ, giving others SHAUN SKY soundtracks, that they can spin in their sets. Continue inclining in my chosen paths of expression + being a vessel for my friends/family. Make sure my health is 10/10 and collect every bag with a smile.



♦ CREDITS: Jacket & T-Shirt – Bside LDN jacket, Trousers – ASOS

When did you start DJing?

I have been DJing for years now of my first love.

What or who were your initial influences?

My brothers, fashion DJs like Virgil Abloh, UK legends like DJ EZ, Jam Master Jay from Run DMC and music producers. I used to watch old-school DJs, the scratching and how they were able to make a new sound and new beat from just scratching, it was so artistic and creative. It is filled with culture and is a way I can express myself. Where I am from, what we listen to who, is what we are about. It’s like talking street lifestyle on the decks.

Do you prefer the old-school way of DJing with vinyl or the modernised way of using solely technology?

I prefer both. But, because you can do so much with technology, it’s more fun, creative and cheaper. I don’t have to worry about buying new vinyl’s all the time and taking extra care just so it doesn’t scratch and make the music jumpy.

What’s the first thing you’re spinning on the decks when we return back to normal?

Depends on my set time. All is good to open with old school RnB if I am playing early or all night. But peak times, I jump straight into the current vibe. To keep the energy going.

How has your set up has evolved over time?

I have started mixing my own songs and playing just beats more and mashing it with other songs. And mixing genre is so much fun. House to Hip-Hop to Afrobeats to Reggae and back to House or something to Deep House and being able to play people’s request and jump back to my mix. Having to please the crowd.

Any goals for 2021?

Putting out my own songs, [being] more creative and finding my own sounds.



CREDITS: Earrings, Shirt & Shoes – Gucci, Skirt – Weekday, Stockings – Wolford

 When did you start DJing?

I first started DJing in 2014

What or who were your initial influences?

I was that Teen you found at all of the U18 raves, and the house parties with my older sister – that i shouldn’t have been at ha-ha. But one thing that was prominent about going to those events was that there were never any female DJs and always thought it looked easy enough to do.  My uncle is a DJ and at the age of 14 he gave me a really quick lesson on how to use a cross fader. 

But one of my biggest influences has been Rob Pursey who runs Southern Hospitality. I used to go to his events weekly and one day asked if he could teach me how to DJ and luckily enough that he did – I’ve been DJing ever since.

If you could only listen to one genre of music for the rest of your life, what would it be?

This is such a hard question! As I love so many different genres but if I had to choose one, it would have to be R&B.

What’s the first thing you’re spinning on the decks when we return back to normal?

Hmm this is a tough one but I’m looking forward to spinning Wizkid – Mighty Wine when things get back to Normal.

What components make a good DJ, in your opinion and experience?

I think to be a good DJ you need to have a good ear, be up on your music and know how to read a crowd!

Do you have a certain strategy to get the crowd pumped?

I always find that playing some classic 00’s R&B gets the crowd moving.



♦ CREDITS: Hat – Merve Bayindir, Top – Guess, Skirt – Elzinga, Shoes – Jimmy Choo, Jewelry – Topshop

Could you share with us when you started DJing?

I first started DJing about 2/3 years ago now. I used to be an assistant radio producer at KISS FM, and I had the chance to assist the likes of DJ EZ, Shortee blitz and MK & more. After seeing EZ and how he made the whole room move, with the energy and fun he was having whilst DJing, I was like: “Nahhh I have to learn.” I have always been someone to look for new music and my friends would always ask me for new songs, so it just made sense to DJ. So, I bought a controller at first and started practising in my room and making mixes to listen back to. I would always send them to DJ Donch to get his opinion on what I could do better. When I put out my first mix, my friend Chennessy hit me up to open up for his party ‘BIRDNOISE’ – I couldn’t believe at the time he wanted me to play as I had never played out before but since that gig, I haven’t stopped!

Was there anything or anyone in particular that influenced you?

I have always been surrounded by dope people that are in music but at time I would have to say going to parties like ‘BUMP’ DJ Motive, and Chennessy inspired me because they were so good and just had so much fun with it. Also, my dad had a friend called Adam who was big in the house scene and when I was younger, he used to get me to play on his Vinyl’s.

In your opinion, what are the main components that make a good DJ?

Since I have started DJing I have learnt so much with regards to the styles of DJing, crowds and more. I would say it is all about feeling the emotion of the crowd and enjoying it with them. You could be the most technically gifted DJ but if you are not reading the crowd and giving emotion in your set people will lose focus on what you are playing. I think being prepared and making sure your music catalogue is up to date is vital. And just practise!

If you could only listen to one genre of music for the rest of your life, what are you choosing?

This is a hard one for me, but I would have to say RNB, as much as I love hip-hop and my turn up music I can listen and stream RNB all day long, ha!

Is there a certain strategy to get the crowd pumped?

It depends on the hour you play really. Personally, I like to create a build-up in my set so start of slow and climax with a bang.

What do you think 2021 has in store for you and your career?

2020 has been a very testing year as I had so much planned and had gigs booked abroad, however, it is the first time for people to take a break and think creatively and plan. Next year, I know it will be full of hard work and consistency and putting out all the ideas and TRAVEL! I have a lot in store so make sure to keep a look out.



♦ CREDITS: Hat: Prada @ Mr Porter, Jacket & Trousers: Bianca Saunders, Vest: Tom Ford, Trainers: Jimmy Choo, Jewellery: Feather Pendants

When did you start DJing?

I started learning to DJ at around 16 (7 years ago), I brought a really bad DJ controller from Argos which didn’t even have pitch sliders! About a year later, I copped a pair of CDJs from a cash converters & a £50 mixer from Maplin’s and never looked back! Safe to say I learnt the hard way with the worst equipment possible!

What or who were your initial influences?

Around the time I was getting into electronic music, I was discovering artists like Jacques Greene, Koreless, Maya Jane Coles & Shadow Child, so very much the ‘Deep Electronic’ / ‘Deep House’ sound at the time. From there my taste has broadened out from UKG to heavy Techno! My Spotify mostly consists of Rap and R&B now though!

Do you feel as if your set up has evolved over time?

I definitely feel like the more I’ve learnt and grown in confidence, the more I’ve wanted to move away from DJ’ing with visual aids such as laptop screens and more towards playing vinyl. Over the past 2 years I’ve been discovering just how much unheard music there is in the form of records. But learning to play vinyl is a huge learning curve from CDJ’s & controllers which I’m still trying to master.

In an ideal world without COVID-19, let’s pretend you have a set. What’s the usual process when selecting material, etc?

I’ve been lucky enough to still be playing a little this year, all sit down events though! Typically, I try to update my collection once or twice a month with new bits meaning at every gig, I have something new that I’m itching to play! I’ve started getting on a few promo lists now so I’m super lucky to be getting new tracks from so many sick artists. Once a month I also try to visit some record stores around where I live to check out what they’ve got, have to shoutout NextDoor Records in Shepherds Bush too, great spot!

Do you have a certain strategy to get the crowd pumped?

Before every gig I check out who else is playing and listen to their stuff, see what style or genre they play. That helps give me an understanding of what the crowd will mostly be into meaning I can figure out a few tracks to kick off my set with. After 2 or 3 blends I usually feel more comfortable and can then just freestyle it! Depending on how late I’m playing I’ll start to take the vibe a bit darker or even play some more recognisable / commercial tracks if I feel like the crowd need winning over (late 90s or early 2000’s always go down well!)

What’s next for you? any goals for 2021?

Once everything gets back to normal, I’ll be focusing on my party Night Service and organising our upcoming parties. Alongside that I’ll be getting some new music out and continuing to build on 2019 & 2020!”



♦ CREDITS: Earrings – Alessandra Rich, Top – Knitss , Dress- Norma Kamali, Bag – KARA, Trainers – Clarks Originals,

When did you start DJing?

I started DJing probably about 6 years ago

Was there anything or anyone in particular that influenced you?

I was at a club night and saw a woman on the decks and the crowd was going wild and I was mesmerized, and I thought to myself I want to do that!

What do you feel like are the main components that make a good DJ?

First and foremost, playing for the crowd and not for yourself. Second of all enjoy yourself and always make sure you have an up-to-date catalogue of music.

If you could only listen to one genre of music for the rest of your life, what are you choosing?

Rap music

Is there a certain strategy to get the crowd pumped?

Engage with your crowd don’t be stush, respond to people when they are trying to speak with you and build a relationship with your audience.

What do you think 2021 has in store for you?

Although I make a mind map every year with my manager how the years going to go and what we achieve in what order we never know but 2021 is the year of fun and people getting to know my journey, heritage and purpose more.



CREDITS: Glasses – Anna-Karin Karlsson, Coat – Jakke, Top- Knitss, Jeans – Gucci, Trainers – Clarks Originals, Bag – Jakke

When did you start DJing?

I started DJing in 2018

What components make a good DJ, in your opinion and experience?

I think the component that makes a good DJ first and foremost is someone who is in love with the music that they play. I think it comes across so well to an audience when you play that you enjoy the music that you’re playing. Then, of course, there’s all the technical stuff. It’s each to their own in this department, but I think it’s super important to have your own style of mixing so that you’re separated from everyone else and so you’re noticed by your style.

Do you prefer the old-school way of DJing with vinyl or the modernised way of using solely technology?

I actually learned on Vinyl but I DJ on CDJ’s. I really do love them however I use a USB to DJ and not my laptop. Still a bit old-school.

In an ideal world without COVID-19, let’s pretend you have a set. What’s the usual process when selecting material, etc?

Alright. So, I’d first start by downloading all the new music that has been released recently. Then, I’d see what song I can mix them into which people wouldn’t usually think, what genres i can cross and what boundaries I can break ha! That is almost every set.

What’s the last song you downloaded?

NSG x Unknown T – Kate Winslet

What are your goals for 2021?

If and when they open up outside, I would absolutely love to DJ abroad and multiple times. Maybe DJ some arenas and stadiums too, if God permits. 




CREDITS: Sunglasses: Bonnie Clyde, Jewellery: O Thongthai, Full Look: Bottega Veneta, Trainers: Clarks Originals

Tell us, when did you start DJing?

I started DJing just after college as I wanted to share the music I was making at the time. With what my friends and others were making too.

Who or what were your initial influences when starting?

Having Christmas’s in Jamaica every year growing up ‘Gran Market’ got me lit. Sound system is all I’ve known. Street parties beach parties.

How has your set up has evolved over time?

Hasn’t necessarily evolved – just adapted to the times for convenience. I started out playing vinyl (use to cut dubplates), moved to serato vinyl (so I could play more of my own music and new music that wasn’t available on vinyl) and after all that it’s been a USB thing for me (so I’m always ready I just keep them on my keys).

As of late though I’ve been concentrating more on my music (live shows as I play instruments too as well as producing and writing music)

In an ideal world without COVID-19, let’s pretend you have a set. What’s the usual process when selecting material, etc.?

It just depends on my mood and my set time. I’m an artist first so if you’re booking me you know the pattern. Shell off.

Do you prefer the old-school way of DJing with vinyl or the modernized way of using solely technology?

I love a full set up with both if I’m honest.

What can we expect for the new year?

As I released a project last month… I’m hoping to drop a follow up and start touring off the back of the projects so more live shows.  I’m still down to DJ an after-party post COVID / post vaccine. I’ll be out here; I definitely miss securing the wickedest.



CREDITS: Jacket – boohooMAN, Shirt – DUOLtd, Joggers – boohooMAN

When did you start DJing?

Started DJ’ing in 2007 very randomly, I was a professional dancer at the time, I was making a mix for a dance performance, when someone heard it, asked if they could come up to my accommodation at university, (at the time I was broke), He offered me £500 for a gig, at that point I said “YES I AM A DJ’, then I dedicated the following two weeks to learning everything I could from two DJ friends of mine before the gig and the rest was history.

What or who were your initial influences?

In terms of DJ’s, I would have to say DJ Ballistic and DJ Ruff N Tuff and PIK n MIX Family, in terms of people I’d say Cash Bukari, He was the main person behind university events such as “ROADBLOCK” and “BARFEST“, He was really the one that first gave me an opportunity to do a few DJ sets at a time where everyone knew me as a Comedian/Host/ Former dancer.

How has your set up has evolved over time?

I have gone from carrying a few CD cases with hundreds of CD’s to using a laptop with serato and incoded CD’s to plugging my laptop directly into the hardware via serato or just carrying USBs for my sets. I will say it has become easy at the same time, I miss playing with cd’s and just knowing what cd you needed to pull to get that track you wanted to play, like just knowing exactly where every track was, it was something special, as opposed to now, with the limitlessness of music on a laptop or USB, sometimes it’s now hard to think of the song you’re trying to play etc. but then again that’s just me. At the same time, it also makes it easier to find songs depending on how you organise your music.

In an ideal world without COVID-19, let’s pretend you have a set. What’s the usual process when selecting material, etc?

I usually play internationally, so I’d go to the club the night before my gig to source out the vibe of the music in the city I’m in, or reach out to some local DJ’s to let me know what’s popping, then I usually start my set off with something nostalgic then go into the vibe off the top of my head, I can never plan out a set, that’s something the new gen do and it’s just not for me, I like to play how the older generation taught me and how it’s meant to be special even unique each time you play whilst also reading the audience and making sure you’re playing for them and not yourself.

Do you have a certain strategy to get the crowd pumped?

I am the number 1 Dancing DJ that can also host on the mic, I give them a show and that is why I am loved around the world. I put my heart into it, and they respond to that so effortlessly. If you want energy, you have got to give energy.

What does the future have in store for you?

More gigs, I have been teaching people how to DJ as well, so I’ll be doing more lessons. I have been teaching the likes of GUILTY BEATZ (International award-winning producer), MS DSF (Superstar Actress and Presenter and now DJ), JACK FOWLER AKA OLUWA JACK (Love Island), and many more.

I am working on a book as well and getting back into doing my events such as AFRO DRUNCH – which is an exclusive event that famous artists always come to as its lowkey, great chilled vibes but we also turn up, but the main thing is they can just be themselves as it settings don’t allow for them to feel out of place, when you walk in to my event, you are just you, a normal person just looking to have fun or chill, and that’s what we pride ourselves in, being that safe space for people. Apart from that I am also looking to get into A&R more and just build things for the next generations to come really, things like special talks at colleges about the entertainment industry and letting them know the unfiltered truth about it.


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